Welcome to Daya’s Universe.

Daya means compassion and with this site, I hope to bring others just that – Compassion!

I strongly believe that no matter what obstacle and struggle I have had to endure in this life, it has always been for a higher purpose and something better has always come out of it.

Yes, I agree! At times, this beautiful side of a struggle can be extremely difficult to see, but once you see it, what a magnificent healing it brings with it.

Throughout my life, I have experienced that I tend to think just a wee bit different than most. This is not that I am extraordinary by any means, it is that I from a very early stage in my life understood that we are all connected and by using this connection I could gain knowledge, understanding and compassion from and to others.

The connection we have with each other is, to me, very powerful indeed and I believe the Oneness with all is the ultimate healing power and access to personal empowerment.

I can honestly say, I love you! I know this, even if I have never actually met you, but the connection we share is of compassion and through this compassion I know, I love you.

I do not have a clear vision for Daya’s Universe at this stage, but I wanted to provide a place where we can connect and through this connection help and guide each other when we need this little bit of extra help and support.

We all have something to offer someone else, something that brings value, not just to our own life, but to the lives of others as well. I hope Daya’s Universe can bring a kind of value to someone else.

Thank you for being you!

With love and respect,