Save the Asian Elephant

Asian Elephant

In front of me stood a magnificent Asian Elephant, it was a moment of realisation to me. I felt my heart open and a deep sense of compassion streaming out toward this beautiful being in front of me.

I felt a bond to this animal and sense of telepathic connectedness and peace.

When the ‘Pappan’ or ‘Mahout’ (Elephant trainer) asked me if I would like to sit on the Elephant’s back, I did not hesitate in saying yes. What an honour that would be, to be able to feel this being up close.

Getting up on the back of the animal was by no means an easy task, and when I felt a hand place securely on ‘my bum’, I hoped it was my dear friend’s hand and not the one of the ‘Pappan’.

Finally, up on the Elephant’s back I felt so grateful for this calm being under me, I felt a sense of belonging to this animal, that I have never felt before and I felt so humble. It was like a union, a sense of something bigger took place within me. This is by far, one of my greatest experiences in life and one I still today, 7 years later, cherish and remember with pleasure.

The elephant to me, seemed well cared for and I felt a sense of respect coming from the ‘Pappan’ toward the elephant and a sense of compassionate bond between the them. I therefore, at the time, did not think much about the fact, that the elephant was tied up in a small area within the temple grounds.

It was not before I days later passed another temple and saw another magnificent elephant chained up that I realised that it could not move at all. It just stood there baking in the hot sun. The feeling I sensed from it was utter despair. I felt such a sadness within and felt so helpless – wanting to help this poor being, but felt completely powerless of doing so.

I suppose, it was that moment I knew that somehow, I needed to do something – not that I was fully comprehending this at the time. It has taken me until now to understand that it is my responsibility to do whatever big or little I can to help save the Asian Elephants, especially after founding out how cruel they are often tortured to become domesticated and forced to do what is not natural to them.

Today I found a website for an organisation called ‘Save the Asian Elephant’ (STAE) and I signed a petition on their site. Their webpage:

I know this is just a baby step, but it is a step never the less. A step toward helping the Asian Elephant I felt such a deep bond with and all its relatives. I hope that others will follow and take the steps for these beautiful, loving and intelligent beings.

Please help them being ‘their voice’ in whatever way you can. Thank you.

Love and in gratitude,




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