How did the Indian Saree help me?

How did the Indian Saree help me?

Traveling in Kerala (India), I had considerable amounts of realizations. I suppose the fact that it is so different from the Western world forced me to look within and opened my eyes and heart to this new world of discoveries.

How did the Indian Saree help me? Well, if you have ever noticed how proud and strong women in Kerala wear their Saree, then you may understand. I noticed just that. In the attempt to fit in to the Western idea of what a strong woman is, I have gotten lost and partly forgotten what true feminine power is.

In my attempt to be independent and fitting in to a business world created by men, I had begun to live my life using more of my masculine side, than my feminine.

The Indian Saree reminded me of this. Or rather the woman reminded me of this. To me the Saree seemed to underline the feminine; imprinting a subtle, sensual and nurturing side and yet with such a powerful energy.

I naturally understood, that the Indian Saree alone, would not bring about this change within me – it would however help me remember the strength I have within, from just being a woman. I suddenly understood the importance of balance.

The women of Kerala had something to be proud of and I learned, for most of them it was the mere fact, that they were proud to be a woman. I had always seen myself as being proud of my sexuality – of being a woman, however it hit me, that the pure shining gem of my personality, my feminine side, was hidden away in the mist of fitting in to the Western mindset of what a strong woman is.

It changed my mindset of a woman. I realized that within each culture we have a different perspective of what a strong woman is and finding a natural balance between the different views, to me, became a quest to balance my feminine and masculine sides better.

I am proud to be a Western woman and grateful for the western view of a woman, but I was humbled to learn from the women of Kerala; how strong the true feminine power is. I realised there are both a negative and a positive side of being independent.

I like to remind myself from time to time about the inner realizations the Indian Saree provided me, this especially when I notice, I am slipping into old habits of the negative side of being independent.

Bring out your feminine side with these beautiful Indian Sarees:

Love and gratitude,



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